Hello! My name is Jenny Browne, and I am a graphic designer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am currently the creative director at Artifex. I love creating websites, playing with type, and talking about design.
Jenny Browne
About Me A quick rundown of my career path and personal life. This, here, is some exciting reading, folks!

Design Career

I graduated from Louisiana State University in 2007 with a graphic design degree. While in school I interned at LSU Press designing book covers and interiors, and fell in love with book design and typography. After graduation, I began working for a small local design firm called Artifex. We did a variety of print work and web design, and I quickly became interested in web design and frontend development. I learned HTML/CSS and began developing the websites I was designing. Three and a half years into my stint at Artifex, a few changes took place and I began running the company from home as creative director. One year later I'm still going strong!

...and the Personal Stuff

Today I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with my husband, Pete (who I met in design school), and our super sweet Golden Retriever, Nico. Besides our shared love of design, we fill our free time with playing with the pup, frequent road trips to Austin, and training for our first marathon.