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California Coast

West Coast Road Trip

Oct 23, 2012 • Featured, TravelNo comment

We recently got back from a 9 day road trip up the West Coast. It was, hands down, the best trip we’ve ever been on. We flew into San Francisco, rented a car, and made our way up to Vancouver over the course of the trip. This was pretty much a dream vacation for me!


Type Specimens Framed

Type Specimen Wall Art

Jul 10, 2012 • Featured, HouseNo comment

I’m always on the lookout for colorful, inspiring prints to frame on our walls. Usually when something I like comes along it’s pricey, and I can only buy prints like this a few times a year. Recently I came across all of the type specimen catalogs I’ve saved up over time, which, while gorgeous pieces of design, I rarely look at and have stashed away in a closet.


Yellow Paint

A Can of Yellow Paint & a Sunday Afternoon

Apr 1, 2012 • House1 comment

Ever since we moved into our house (two years ago) I’ve thought about painting our door. It was a dark forest green color—not exactly offensive or unappealing—but not my style either. It wasn’t until I saw this blog post that I decided to get the ball rolling. The couple at Young House Love had a very detailed blog post on how they painted their door yellow.


Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon Finisher Medal

Couch to 5k Marathon

Mar 12, 2012 • Personal4 comments

The last time in my life that I enjoyed running was about nine years ago, when I ran my first half-marathon. I was a freshman in college and coming off of a year of high school cross country. I didn’t really consider going beyond the half-marathon at that point, and, not long after running the half-marathon, my runs became far and few in between. Eventually I got to the point where I gave it up completely…until six months ago, that is!


Nico Turns One

A House is not a Home without a Dog

Dec 19, 2011 • NicoNo comment

It’s hard to believe that my little fur ball pup is now one year old. Pete and I got Nico last March, a few months after I began working from home. Pete had been wanting a dog for a couple of months, and I was beginning to see the benefits of having some company while I worked.


My Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Dec 14, 2009 • ProjectsNo comment

Back in March my boyfriend, Pete, and I got engaged. Our wedding was at City Park in New Orleans on September 26. We were pretty busy between wedding planning and buying our first home, but we did manage to design and produce our own wedding invitations. I’ve been looking forward to posting these for a [...]


Seed Conference Website

A Typographer’s Guide to Web Typography

Feb 5, 2009 • TypographyNo comment

Just when I was getting a little too comfortable with the thrilling world of printed type, I became interested in web design. Of course, achieving exquisite typography in web design is a whole new ball game—one in which I was all too eager to participate.