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Type Specimens Framed

Type Specimen Wall Art

Jul 10, 2012 • Featured, HouseNo comment

I’m always on the lookout for colorful, inspiring prints to frame on our walls. Usually when something I like comes along it’s pricey, and I can only buy prints like this a few times a year. Recently I came across all of the type specimen catalogs I’ve saved up over time, which, while gorgeous pieces of design, I rarely look at and have stashed away in a closet.


Yellow Paint

A Can of Yellow Paint & a Sunday Afternoon

Apr 1, 2012 • House1 comment

Ever since we moved into our house (two years ago) I’ve thought about painting our door. It was a dark forest green color—not exactly offensive or unappealing—but not my style either. It wasn’t until I saw this blog post that I decided to get the ball rolling. The couple at Young House Love had a very detailed blog post on how they painted their door yellow.